4 Simple Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Spending some time outdoors can be greatly beneficial to you in several ways. One is that it is a great way to commune with the natural surroundings around you and for a brief time forget the burdens weighing you down and help you relax and gather your thoughts. Keeping yourself away from technology, the internet and your phone for short periods will give you time to immerse in the majesty and wonder of the mountains, oceans and forests around you. This will undoubtedly give you a better understanding of how life was supposed to be lived. Here are some great suggestions for you to start with.

Shell Collecting

Shell collecting is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors without exerting yourself a lot. If you like the idea of strolling in the beach but do not want to take part in strenuous activities such as surfing then taking a long walk and picking shells that you find interesting can be a great way to enjoy the sandy beaches. You can make it more fascinating by purchasing or borrowing a shell collecting guidebook where you can identify the types of shells that you find. You can have someone like a family or a friend to accompany you as it is a good time to catch up, pay attention to detail, enjoy the beach as well as pass time.

Go Camping In the Wilderness

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities that people enjoy. Although, this may take some preparation such as bringing your tents Perth, sleeping bags, food, water and other hiking equipment, for those who enjoy hiking and being in nature, this exercise is well worth it. You will never know if you will enjoy it or not if you don’t try it a few times. It’s always a good idea to go with an experienced guide or someone who knows in and out of camping out as this would ensure your safety and make it less of a hassle and more enjoyable for everyone.

Bird Watching

Another fun outdoor activity is bird watching and this is something that most nature lovers who have patience and enjoy some wildlife do in their free time. It is ideal to take some binoculars, a notebook and a guidebook to identify the birds if you want to take it up seriously. Of course, you can also take a casual approach to bird watching and explore new areas at the same time search for any rare and beautiful birds around when you are walking around. Remember there is no right or wrong way.


Cycling alone is great if you want to spend some time outdoors by yourself or you could also join a cycling club and meet similar bikers to cycle around different areas. You will really understand and enjoy nature while the wind blows at your face and you dash through the greenery. This is also a great way to keep fit and get your heart rate up while being out in nature.

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