Colombo City: The Commercial Capital Of Sri Lanka

Colombo is situated on the west coast of Sri Lanka and currently holds more than 5 million in population. Colombo is a big cosmopolitan city that has faced numerous changes over the years. In fact, it is the biggest and most populated city on the island. These are some of the must-dos if you ever visit Colombo. We say it is worth the deal.

The Ocean

Well, Touring Colombo aka the ocean city of Sri Lanka has been one of the best experiences of numerous tourists. Galle Face Green serves the primary purpose of being able to view the ocean and take a stroll along the beach. It is a long stretch of land that connects the land with the sea. Locals and tourists absolutely loved the atmosphere of Galle Face Green. There are numerous food stalls that provide delicious and mouthwatering food. And the famous and scrumptious Isso Vade is a must try! It is a deep fried prawn snack that is topped with chopped onions and spicy curry and lime juice, loved by all locals of the island. The sky is always brimming with kites and the land is always crowded by families and friends playing or just picnicking.

History and Culture

There is ample historical architecture that is preserved up to this date. If you are visiting Colombo, you must take the time and sightsee these amazing monuments. The National Museum is the pride of Colombo. This where the timeless possessions of the kings and warriors of Sri Lanka are stored. The Colonial buildings in Colombo 1 also known as Fort are some of the most visited places in Colombo. Some of these buildings have been altered with a touch of modernization: such as the Dutch Hospital. The lighthouse, St Peter’s Church, the aesthetically appealing Gangaramaya Temple, Beira Lake, Independence Memorial Hall, and Captain Garden’s Kovil are some essential places in Colombo. This is just a short list, there are many more waiting to be seen.


If you haven’t tasted food in Colombo, what are you even doing? Sri Lankan cuisine is absolutely finger licking good, and we mean it. The spices, the blend and mix, the curries and the crunch of vegetables is just salivating. Traditional food includes Hoppers of different types, our favorite string hopper or roti kottu, spicy curries with coconut milk, fish and rice. Fish is an absolute must-have in Sri Lanka because nobody cooks fish as well as they do! If you do not prefer indulging in the world famous Sri Lankan food, Colombo is overflowing with amazing restaurants of different cuisines. You can find Italian, Western, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Arabian and so many other different types of food satisfy your cravings. There are ample of desert and coffee shops that cater to your sweet tooth. Whatever you want to have, Colombo definitely has it.


Colombo is jam-packed with abundant retail stores, stalls, online stores, and malls. Some of the most famous malls are Colombo City Centre, Majestic City, and Marino mall, there are many other malls that are under construction. In the case of retail stores, you have numerous choices you can go for. There are branded and unbranded shops. One of the most famous shopping areas in Colombo is Pettah. A lot of people prefer pettah because there is a variety of choice and prices are considered reasonable.

Once you unlock the experience of Sri Lanka, there is no going back. Why? Because this paradise offers so much than what meets the naked eye.

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