How To Remove A Tree Stump Effectively

You might cut a tree and get rid of the wood, but what remains is the tree stump that can make your land area look very untidy and messy in nature. There are various ways out of which you can choose the most preferred method for your convenience. While some ways might be a little more expensive in comparison to others, they can depend on the time taken to complete the job and the equipment used in the process of it as well. Given below are a couple of ways through which a tree stump can be removed effectively.

Digging Out The Stump

One way of removing a tree stump is to dig the entire thing out. This would involve using a mamoty and a shovel to get the stump and all the roots associated with it. You might also need an ax to chop down the necessary if it seems like a difficult stump to clear. Digging out a stump does not require people with a lot of professional experience or anything of that sort, maybe individuals with strength and endurance. This would also include finding a place to dispose of the stump too.

Grinding The Stump

There are many companies who carry out stump grinding Brisbane. This includes using a grinding the tree stump directly to the roots of the stump to the roots to get rid of it. This method might be a little expensive compared to the rest of the ways of getting rid of a tree stump because it involves the use of a grinding machine. Grinding the tree stump might be comparatively faster in terms of the time consumed as well, given that an effective piece of machinery is used for the purpose.

Drilling The Stump

This is a time-consuming option to get rid of a tree stump. This method involves drilling the tree stump in different places and pouring kerosene or other chemicals which would speed up the decaying process of the stump. A couple of days after the chemical is poured into the stump, it would become softer in order to use the mamoty and dig the stump out of its hole. The sections which cannot be dug can be burned because the kerosene has already been absorbed after pouring it in.

Burning The Stump

This is also considered as quite a cost-effective method to get rid of a stump. Since this would require kerosene to burn the stump down to its root. But depending on the size of the stump it can be slightly time-consuming because it has to burn it down directly to the roots.

Out of the four options mentioned above, any of the above can be chosen as per your budget and preference of disposal. As said before, some of them might be easier to dispose of, some may be a little expensive in comparison to the others. Making investigations on each method can help with choosing the most appropriate measure out of the above for getting rid of your stump. 

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